Aug 7, 2019

Hemingway: New York Times’ Trump headline change ‘scary’ instance of bullying by online ‘mob’ The fact several media and political figures were able to convince the paper to change its headline after the first edition exposes the collective outrage as a “mob,” Hemingway claimed Tuesday on “Special Report.” The newspaper summarized Trump’s comments, in which he denounced hate and white supremacy, with the headline “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism” on the front page of its first edition. That headline was changed in the SECOND EDITION. The later headline was “ASSAILING HATE, BUT NOT GUNS.” due to complaints from Democrat Presidential Candidates and others about the first edition including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who described it as “cowardice.”

Dayton shooter Connor Betts may be antifa’s first mass killer via @nypost While Betts, the Dayton shooter, didn’t leave behind a manifesto, his extensive social-media footprint provides clues as to what may have inspired him. Federal investigators announced Tuesday that they are looking into his exploration of violent ideologies. Betts had long expressed support for antifa accounts, causes and individuals. That would be the loose network of militant leftist activists who physically attack anyone to the right of Mao in the name of “anti-fascism.” In particular, Betts promoted extreme hatred of American border enforcement. “Kill every fascist,” the shooter declared in 2018 on twitter, echoing a rallying cry of antifa ideologues. Over the next year, his tweets became increasingly violent. “Nazis deserve death and nothing else,” he tweeted last October. Betts frequently flung the label “Nazi” at those with whom he disagreed online.

“I Cannot Believe These Monsters” – Sister of El Paso Mass Shooting Victims BLASTS “Evil” Politicians for Not Welcoming President Trump via @gatewaypundit Vibora (Deborah) Anchondo lost a brother and a sister-in-law in the deadly mass shooting at the El Paso Walmart on Saturday. Andre was killed when he shielded his wife and two-month-old son from the killer’s gunfire. Jordan was also killed while protecting her newborn baby.

It’s Time to Declare War on Identity Politics I “unpacked the “alt-right manifesto” of an influential “thought leader” of the movement and found what was easily recognizable: a progressive strain placing it on par with La Raza, BLM, CAIR, and Occupy. It’s essentially Farrakhanism in a bedsheet.”

Mass Shootings in Gun-Free ZonesFor good reason these self-congratulatory zones have become a way of death. Consider this excerpt from the “manifesto” issued by the shooter who murdered 22 people Saturday in an El Paso, Texas, Walmart store: Remember: it is not cowardly to pick low hanging fruit. AKA (sic) Don’t attack heavily guarded areas to fulfll (sic) your super soldier COD [Call of Duty first person shooter video game] fantasy. Attack low security targets. Even though you might out gun a security guard or police man, they likely beat you in armor, training and numbers. Do not throw away your life on an unnecessarily dangerous target. If a target seems too hot, live to fight another day.

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