Aug 5, 2019

Are Democrats Channeling Their Inner Lenin? It’s hard to believe we have reached the point, nearly 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, where we need to take a vote on whether or not communism sucks, but sadly we do. And even worse, in some states the outcome of such a vote would be in doubt. It might not even be able to pass muster in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

Explosive Interview – Maria Bartiromo Drops Big News With Trey Gowdy…. via @thelastrefuge2 Explosive Interview – Maria Bartiromo Drops Big News With Trey Gowdy…. Maria Bartiromo outdid herself this morning with an interview segment just packed with information, insight and discussion into the DOJ and FBI corruption and DNI Ratcliffe’s nomination. (h/t Michael Sheridan) THIS IS A MUST WATCH After the first segment on the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Ms. Bartiromo segued into a discussion of George Papadopoulos and the secret informant transcripts; Maria prepared for this interview by calling George Papadopoulos about the Halper meeting. Trey Gowdy can not confirm because of its confidentiality, but George now says he refused the “dirt” Stephan was offering saying “Are you crazy, that’s treasonous

Ohio Mass Shooter a Self-Described Pro-Satan “Leftist” Who Supported Elizabeth Warren and Antifa The mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio was identified by police on Sunday.
The suspect, Connor Betts, was shot dead by police but not before he killed nine innocent people.

Taming of the Shrew – Following Pelosi Meeting AOC Top Aides Resign… The progressive elements around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortz are framing the removal of the Justice Democrat leader, Saikat Chakrabarti, as a move to continue the movement beyond the landscape of AOC. However, in reality it looks like Nancy Pelosi is cracking the whip. The ultra left-wing “Justice Democrat” movement activated to bring AOC onto the national stage.  However, that same movement, led by Saikat Chakrabarti, was openly stating an objective to target incumbent democrats who were not falling into line behind the most severe messaging of the far-left.

John Red, White & Blue James Is the Future of the GOP John James is a West Point graduate who flew Apache attack helicopters in the Iraq War and is now a CEO, husband and dad. James received 1.9 million votes in his first-ever political campaign in 2018. James has lived the American Dream. His father, John Sr., grew up across the street from Mississippi State University and couldn’t go there because he was black. A Vietnam veteran, John Sr. started a trucking company in Detroit that has grown into a multimillion-dollar supply chain logistics company. He is the son of a mason, who was the son of sharecropper, who was the son of a slave.

Hopelessness and Hate Why have nerds and losers become a terrorist threat? journalist Robert Evans, who noted the reaction to the El Paso shooting on the videogame forum 8chan, where the massacre was celebrated as an achievement:

Why Democrats Own El Paso Donald Trump is a nationalist who supports all things American, and has admitted as much. What he is not is a white nationalist. Yet Democrats and the hard left continue to play with lightning, incessantly labeling Trump a white nationalist

Gallup, Darwinism, and Scientism Darwinists are invariably the product of an educational system that has as little to do with free thought as the educational systems of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Groupthink, instead, is what these institutions create and nurture.

The Common Thread Binding These Mass MurderersHint: It’s not political ideology. “Copycats would see that the outcome of these barbaric acts gets them no notoriety. They would realize that the consequences of a choice to kill would be to die anonymous and alone, never to be remembered.”…The Common Thread Binding These Mass MurderersHint: It’s not political ideology.