Jul 15, 2019

YouTube Removes Video of Tommy Robinson From TGP Reporter’s Channel, Says it Violates ‘Hate Speech Policy’ https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/07/youtube-removes-video-of-tommy-robinson-from-reporters-channel-says-it-violates-hate-speech-policy/ via @gatewaypundit On Thursday, Robinson was sentenced to six months in prison for three counts of contempt of court. There can be no argument that the video wasn’t newsworthy. In the video, Robinson discusses his case as well as grooming gangs and the importance of speaking up for the victims. When the sentence was handed down, I published the video to my channel to be able to embed it in a story. It was unlisted and could only be viewed by people with a direct link. “So, I’m in prison — for the crime of journalism,” Robinson began in the pre-recorded video, “for exposing Muslim pedophile rapists.”

https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/sen-ted-cruz-to-secure-our-border-take-these-important-and-effective-actions Sen. Ted Cruz: To secure our border, take these important and effective actions. Ted Cruz wants El Chapo to pay for the border wall Texas is being overwhelmed by the magnitude of illegal immigrants flooding into small communities. Due to inaction by Congress, these communities are left holding the bag on where the migrants will stay, how they will receive medical care, and where they will go when released. Since last October, over 500,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended at our southern border, many of them having traveled through Mexico from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2019-7-12-things-keep-getting-worse-for-the-fake-science-of-human-caused-global-warming Things Keep Getting Worse For The Fake “Science” Of Human-Caused Global Warming. If you follow closely the subject of hypothesized human-caused global warming, you probably regularly experience, as I do, a strong sense of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, you read dozens of pieces from seemingly authoritative media sources, as well as from important political officeholders, declaring that the causal relationship between human CO2 emissions and rapidly rising global temperatures is definitive; declaring that “the science is settled”; and further declaring that impending further increases in temperatures over the next decade or several decades are an “existential crisis” that must be addressed immediately through complete transformation of our economy at enormous cost.

Jeffrey Epstein, Alex Acosta and an Elephant Named Bill https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/07/jeffrey_epstein_alex_acosta_and_an_elephant_named_bill.html#.XSxZs8qeSKY.twitter You can bet Bill, Hillary, and their minions are busy wiping down those hard drives (with cloth and hammer), making arrangements with potential witnesses, and getting ready to explain away airplane logs and junkets with young women.  They are practiced, have gotten away for a half-century, and plan to do it again. 

Sanctuary ruling: A little reminder from the 9th Circuit that judges matter https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/07/sanctuary_ruling_a_little_reminder_from_the_9th_circuit_that_judges_matter.html#.XSxfV5iepaE.twitter It didn’t get much attention, but the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco actually surprised with its ruling, siding with the Trump administration in its bid to withhold discretionary funding from cities that refuse to assist ICE as sanctuary cities. A federal appeals court ruled in favor of President Trump’s administration in a case involving federal dollars being withheld from cities based in part on their “sanctuary city” status.

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