Jun 26, 2019

Stunning new information just released by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) shows that the Obama administration stepped up efforts – just days before President Trump took office – to undermine Trump and his administration https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/06/25/jay-sekulow-discovers-new-documents-to-backstop-obamas-operation-against-trump-connects-to-evelyn-farkas

How Tech Became A Kitchen Table Issue https://thefederalist.com/2019/06/25/tech-bias-became-kitchen-table-issue/#.XRNbsl7BOis.twitter Project Veritas report on Google’s plans to prevent another “Trump situation” in 2020, including footage of an executive making some troublesome comments. The executive’s comments defending herself are here.

Tracing the Origins of Congressional Democrats’ ‘Obstruction’ Strategy https://www.theepochtimes.com/tracing-the-origins-of-congressional-democrats-obstruction-strategy_2976309.html via @epochtimes

BREAKING: ERIC TRUMP ASSAULTED –– Reportedly Spit On by Employee at Chicago Bar https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/06/breaking-eric-trump-attacked-reportedly-spit-on-by-employee-at-chicago-bar/ via @gatewaypundit Mary Ann Ahern from NBC5 Chicago reported that an employee at the Chicago establishment spit on Eric Trump.

FRAUD GETS CAUGHT! Crackpot Trump Accuser’s Story Likely Stolen from Law and Order Episode of Rape Fantasy in Bergdorf Dressing Room (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/06/omg-crackpot-trump-accuser-stole-her-rape-story-from-law-and-order-episode-of-rape-fantasy-in-bergdorf-dressing-room-video/ via @gatewaypun

https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/06/25/robert-mueller-will-testify-july-17th-nadler-and-schiff-pretend-phony-subpoena/ Chairman Adam Schiff releases a letter signed by only Nadler and Schiff, that “threatened” a subpoena. This subpoena letter is a prop for a pre-planned theatrical event. “I guarantee you we’ll see the construct of a completely manufactured event.”

Dossier 2.0 — Mueller’s ‘Black Cash’ Ledger https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/06/dossier_20__muellers_black_cash_ledger.html#.XRNUkdmzqOg.twitter Leak details about fake documents like the Steele dossier to the media, then use the media reports as a second source “corroborating” the unverified report when using it to justify your illegal actions.

Byron York: What now, for those who denied a ‘crisis’ at the border? https://washex.am/31Vqb04 Congress is debating emergency humanitarian aid to care for migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border. The need is obvious. With virtually no barrier to stop them, thousands of migrants are crossing illegally into the United States every day

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