Jun 20, 2019

Immigration Madness https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/274062/immigration-madness-lloyd-billingsley#.XQtVLBNkT_w.twitter Former Virginia state attorney Ken Cuccinelli has become acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The new USCIS boss warns that “If the sponsored immigrant receives any federal means-tested public benefits, the sponsor will be expected to reimburse the benefits-granting agency for every dollar of benefits received by the immigrant.” This got Cuccinelli tagged as extremist, when it shouldn’t even be news.

US Navy drone shot down by Iranian missile over Strait of Hormuz: source https://fxn.ws/2RppmYD #FoxNews A U.S. high-altitude drone was shot down Thursday by an Iranian surface-to-air missile over the Strait of Hormuz amid heightened tensions in the region after last week’s attacks on two oil tankers, a source told Fox News. A commander for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said the shooting sends `a clear message’ to the U.S. He said while Iran has no intention of war with anyone, it’s “ready for war.”

President Trump’s long list of promises made, promises kept has energized Americans in every part of the country to fight for his 2020 re-election. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/guest-commentary/os-op-rnc-trump-delivering-20190618-oiicf2dthbcbncayupsbrrgdcy-story.html A few short years later, President Trump’s long list of promises made, promises kept has energized Americans in every part of the country to fight for his 2020 re-election. He delivered once-in-a-generation tax cuts, increasing take-home pay for 90 percent of workers. He cut regulations at a rapid pace, helping the economy grow by over 3 percent last calendar year for the first time in 13 years, reach 3.2 percent growth in the first quarter of this year, and cutting unemployment to 3.6 percent, the lowest since 1969.

America’s First Third-World State https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/06/california-third-world-state-corruption-crime-infrastructure/ Medieval diseases, gangs, corruption, crime, crumbling infrastructure, out-of-touch wealthy elites … By many criteria, 21st-century California is both the poorest and the richest state in the union. Almost a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. Another fifth is categorized as near the poverty level — facts not true during the latter 20th century. A third of the nation’s welfare recipients now live in California. The state has the highest homeless population in the nation (135,000). About 22 percent of the nation’s total homeless population reside in the state — whose economy is the largest in the U.S., fueling the greatest numbers of American billionaires and high-income zip codes.

https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/06/19/president-trump-presents-medal-of-freedom-to-economist-dr-arthur-laffer-video-and-transcript/ HE PRESIDENT: Well, this is a big day. Very important for a very important subject. Today it’s my privilege to award our nation’s highest civilian honor to the father of supply-side economics: Dr. Arthur Laffer. (Applause.)

FNC’s Carlson: ‘Conservatives Might Want to Pause and Rethink the Relationship’ with the Kochs http://bit.ly/2WUau5A via @BreitbartNews They are NOT our Friends. Read all about them and what they really stand for. But in the case of the Kochs, conservatives might want to pause and rethink the relationship. As it turns out, the Kochs don’t have much in common with conservatives. They are totally opposed to most conservative policy goals. The Kochs are libertarian ideologues, passionate and inflexible. America first? The Kochs find the very notion absurd, if not fascist. An economic policy that seeks to strengthen families? The Kochs denounce that as “crony capitalism,” or “picking winners and losers.” They think it’s immoral. Controlling our borders? The Kochs consider that racist. A few years ago, Bernie Sanders noted that the Koch brothers are far to the left of him on immigration. Open borders? Quote: “That’s a Koch brothers proposal,” he said.

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