June 1, 2019

Barr: “Resisting A Democratically Elected President” Is Destroying Our Norms And Institutions, Not Trump

Barr: “Resisting A Democratically Elected President” Is Destroying Our Norms And Institutions, Not Trump. In an interview aired Friday on “CBS This Morning,” Attorney General William Barr explains why he opened an investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation. He doesn’t say what the evidence is, but Barr tells CBS News legal correspondent Jan Crawford that there is evidence that makes him believe senior government officials may have acted improperly to authorize surveillance of President Trump’s 2016 campaign. He says that led to “spying” on the campaign.

Devin Nunes calls ‘fraud,’ https://fxn.ws/2WCl599 #FoxNews after a newly released transcript of a former Trump lawyer’s voicemail message included content that did not appear in a version that was part of the special counsel’s Russia investigation findings. This is why we need all backup and source documentation for the #muellerdossier released publicly. It’s all a fraud…Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, was reacting to the release of a voicemail message that John Dowd, a former lawyer for President Trump, had left for a lawyer representing former national security adviser Michael Flynn, in which Dowd asks for a “heads up” if Flynn planned to say anything damaging about Trump to Mueller’s team.

https://fxn.ws/2WtX2JB Michael S. Hawley, Cruz urge Trump to nix judicial nominee who compared Catholic beliefs to KKK views. Bogren, who was nominated to be a district judge for the District Court for the Western District of Michigan, met with fierce conservative resistance for likening of religious beliefs to the racist views of the Ku Klux Klan.

Why Is The Info Generating Mueller’s Probe All Linked To Hillary Clinton? https://thefederalist.com/2019/05/30/john-durham-needs-investigate-info-generated-mueller-probe-linked-hillary-clinton/#.XPJRIGHqIiE.twitter John Durham Needs To Investigate Why The Info Generating The Mueller Probe Is All Linked To Hillary Clinton Therefore, one would think that incriminating evidence derived from the FBI, NSA, or CIA could have linked Donald Trump to Russian hackers or Kremlin operatives, if that evidence existed. Instead, almost all the major findings used to justify investigations into Trump’s campaign are linked to Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party.

Where are Republicans, media? What about presumption of innocence? https://www.independentsentinel.com/where-are-republicans-media-what-about-presumption-of-innocence/ Where are the Republicans and where were they yesterday when our rule of law was violated? The media dishonestly supported the destruction of our rule of law during Mueller’s speech in which he indicted the President without a crime while pretending he wasn’t.

The Stakes for Our Country Have Never Been Higher https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2019/05/30/the-stakes-for-our-country-have-never-been-higher/ via @rushlimbaugh Now, it is an existential war — and the stakes? I cannot tell you how high they are for our country. I think the stakes, without question, are the highest they have ever been in my life. The stakes for the country, what kind of country we’re going to be going forward, have never been higher in my life.

Democrats Must Stop Living in a Fantasy World https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/06/democrats_must_stop_living_in_a_fantasy_world.html#.XPJXJyd5xNQ.twitter It’s why they constantly employ the first rule of propaganda: to accuse your opposition of what you yourself are guilty of.  It needs to end badly at the polls for the Democrats.  We on the America First nationalist side seek calm, and to have our rights, our families, and our businesses left alone.  But continue challenging us, and I promise we will fight back ten times, one hundred times, one thousand times fiercer.  In the end, Truman defeated the world of la-la land.  Conquer, or be conquered.

Mueller and Obstruction Of Justice. By his own standards Robert Mueller was guilty of making “false statements” in his parting gift to Democrat impeachment seekers. He was not, however,  under legal oath, which is maybe why Democrats did not want him to be questioned by Congress in a hearing beforehand. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/06/mueller_and_obstruction_of_justice.html#.XPJZ7z_Tvyo.twitter

Democrats Have Always Wanted to Impeach Trump http://bit.ly/2Wg5zjP “Saint” Robert Mueller is playing games. On the collusion and conspiracy issue, Mueller stated pretty clearly that “there was insufficient evidence to charge.”

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