Thu May 9, 2019

Welcome to The Right Way. Here you will find News Articles and Blogs that the Legacy Media either ignores, censors or blocks. The content changes consistently throughout the day and is replaced as new articles appear. I read every article for content and quality before I post. I do not claim authorship for any of the articles and try to give credit to the original author. via @BreitbartNews The Department of Justice reacted defiantly to Democrats’ vote on the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to recommend that Attorney General William Barr be held in contempt The Department of Justice was defiant, releasing a statement after the contempt vote that insisted: “The Attorney General could not comply with the House Judiciary Committee’s subpoena without violating the law … “Chairman Nadler’s actions have prematurely terminated the accommodation process and forced the President to assert executive privilege to preserve the status quo. No one, including Chairman Nadler and his Committee, will force the Department of Justice to break the law.”View image on Twitter

Top Republican Lawmakers in Both Chambers Slam Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr For Issuing Don Jr. Subpoena via @gatewaypundit The GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. to answer questions about his prior testimony to Senate investigators related to the Russia investigation by May 15.

The Liberal Hypocrites Who Want to Be Our Moral Betters “one is reminded strikingly of a confrontation recorded in the Gospels between Jesus Christ and the Pharisees.” READ (Matt. 11:23–27) California OKs new sex-ed guidelines for teachers despite objections from parents, protesters about gender identity and LGBT relationships, but removed five resources and books, including one that explains sex to students as young as kindergarten.

Heartbreaking! Laura Loomer Breaks Down in Tears in Live Interview: ‘My Life Is Ruined’ Due To Social Media Targeting and Banning (VIDEO) via @gatewaypundit Laura Loomer was first banned from Twitter for exposing Democrat Ilhan Omar as an anti-Semite. Laura was correct, as we all know today, but she got banned anyway. Laura seeks out and confronts Democrats on the topics of the day. She was banned for this. At UNLV, where an effort to recruit new TPUSA members was met by protesters who destroyed their display and assaulted conservative students. “We decided to do an activism event, and it was ‘Build the Wall,’” said Coffeen, describing how last week’s incident unfolded, “Generally, when you do activism events, you get a larger crowd, because that’s the whole point of it — we started drawing in a rather large crowd, bigger than I anticipated, and the crowd, they were angry.” “It turned into mob mentality pretty quickly,” continued the TPUSA representative, “We had a lot of students yelling at us, calling us every name in the book — one student, in particular, ended up rushing our table, he pulled everything off of it, kicked down our wall and broke it, and pushed one of my students down.”

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